Interior Painting Services

Beautifully painted rooms or houses are life-enhancing, as well as increasing the value of your biggest asset. Wallpapers and high quality paint need the care of experienced decorators to bring out the full benefit.
wallpaper stairwell

But its not just the end result that’s important, the process of getting there has to be considered too. Painting interiors can be disruptive, and should to be organized so that any inconvenience is minimized. Delicate belongings, fixtures and fittings must be protected from dust and stray paint, and furniture moved with care. Completely thorough preparation and using the correct paint system really is the secret to a good job, and will keep your surfaces looking good for years. All those vital tasks like cleaning and abrading are hidden beneath the final coat of paint, but are so important to the paint’s performance and final appearance. We are now using powered dust-extraction when using electric sanding machines to minimise dust, but if power sanding is not appropriate we will use “wet-flatting” methods where possible. And we will always vacuum as we go.


I am not particularly loyal to any one brand of paint and do not belong to any paint manufacturers marketing scheme. The various interior coatings available all have their plus and minus points and fit their own niche in the market: some paints are adequate but cheap; others do nice colours but are expensive; some do good quality hard wearing products, there are lots of possibilities. If asked for an opinion, I will try and make recommendations based on a particular paints performance against its price, and where different manufacturers are offering similar products, I will try to give an honest opinion as to which I think to be the best. But whichever coating is used, I have a library of product data-sheets and will always apply coatings in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

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