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Situated on the A30 Cornwall / Devon border, we are in a good position to carry out work throughout the South West. So we would be as happy to work in Truro, as Exeter; Plymouth, or Bude.

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  • Plush Painting Services is a legitimate Painting and Decorating business that has been trading for 22 years with a permanent address and telephone number.
  • We will always provide a written quotation or estimate detailing exactly the scope of work, processes to be carried out, and the brand and quality of materials to be used.
  • We carry £5m public liability insurance, have been members of the Painting and Decorating Association for several years, and can supply customer references on request.
  • Please do not compare us – or our cost of doing business – with spare-time, only for cash, and pension-boosting concerns

5 Top tips for hiring a professional painter.

Before getting down into hiring an interior or exterior professional painter, one must consider various aspects in the painting world. To have the best decorator in London or the one day painter or an agent to act as a painter and decorator for that 1 day painter job one should consider the painters experience and background first. One should make the rightful hiring decision to ensure the final regrets are not encountered. The following are the tips to follow when hiring a painter and decorator in London.

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  The painter must be licensed, insured and bonded.

Everyone has the ability to hold and stand behind the wall as a painter. But to achieve that professional paint work needed one must undertake the extra homework of being the professional painter. A professional painter must be licensed, insured and bonded to give the client that assurance of painters responsibility to his work. Therefore, each painter and decorator in London, either working as a one day painter or a painter force must have the required documents to prove this work ethics.


Reviews and recommendation from past Clients.

Either a 1 day painter or a full-time painter and decorator in London, what is good for the eyes is good for the heart. Previous clients and customers must have given him or her recommendations for the work done. To prove his point as a professional painter, the painter must display and explain his review to the current customers to win the trust. Lack of recommendations and reviews indicates customers do not have trust in his or her work.


The painter must be a member of local or national painters associations or contractors.

Professionals with always involve themselves in companies and association doing what he does best. Before hiring a painter, a client must check whether the painter is affiliated with a given company or industry. This would help in tracing the painter one need arises or if you need more information regarding the painter. One day painter may not have registered with any company but must have known painting companies around London. Painter force teamwork should also be available if the painter and decorator are registered with a painting association.


A painter and decorator either working as a One day painter must provide a written work guarantee on the task provided.

The written document will have the write up his expected start and finish of the work plus the charges. He can also provide recommendations and estimates of materials required to have that professional painting required. Additionally, the written document must include his company, location day and night phone numbers, neighborhood and one referee who may be contacted once need arises. Such documents are very important in case painting is done poorly or some of your equipment in the house are stolen.


The painter must have good quality paint and some exhibits to show his previous work.

The quality of paint used will determine the quality of work done by the painter. Therefore, for 1 day painter, it advisable to have him or her use the best quality paint as it will just require one coat. He must also show his previous works to as an assurance of quality outcome.

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Getting a Decorator in can be disruptive, so its worth while doing it right the first time. As Professional Painters and Decorators, you can be assured we will take a traditional pride in every detail of our craft.

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