Teknos Futura Aqua doors & windows repaint

The job

painted door Painted door closeup
The Hole Barton development was completed in 2011, converting a group of stone and brick barns to residential. The windows and doors are pine with hardwood sills, and were painted at the time with Dulux oil-based Weathershield gloss. Six years later the knots have busted through, some of the bottom edges of the doors weren’t painted originally and so the timber has swollen and cracked, and the sills are green with algae and the paint is flaking off. All the  paint is now very chalked, and is cracking at the construction joints. But no rot, and so just requiring a good amount of preparation and a re-paint with my chosen coating: Teknos Futura Aqua 40.

The Paint

Teknos Futura Aqua 40
Because the wooden thresholds of the doors are painted, I decided to use a proper paint that could withstand being walked on, as opposed to an “opaque-stain” type coating which might not be so hard wearing. I also would rather paint with water-soluble if possible, so Holman paints suggested I try Teknos Futura Aqua wood paint; a hard wearing urethane modified alkyd that cleans up with water and comes in three sheen levels. Also recommended was the Teknos Aqua 3 adhesion primer to make sure there wasn’t any issues with going over the original oil-based coating after thorough preparation.

The Painting

Washed, sanded, and preservative applied, the primer went on very smoothly and does not have to be “lathered-on” to retain a “wet edge” when painting outside, unlike paints with higher acrylic content. Same goes for the top coat which I would describe it as a very well behaved paint, and maybe like a more refined version of Sadolin Superdec which I would think is a similar type of coating. Although I went straight out of the can, Teknos state that the paint and primer can be diluted by up to 15% with water if needed which could be handy on a hot day.

The primer is touch dry in an hour and can be re-coated in 6 hrs. Like Superdec, the  top coat needs overnight before re-coat, so those hoping to get three coats done in a day will be disappointed. However, the brush-mark free finish, ease of use, and decent price make this all-rounder well worth considering.

Published by: Colin Taylor on: July 5th 2017

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