Shutters suffer in the sun: repaint required

Definitely a labour of love this one! These shutters had suffered from first getting cold and damp with condensation, and then being baked in the heat of the sun streaming in through the windows. This contraction and expansion cycle has led to the paint cracking and peeling extensively. 

When this had first started to happen, the owners took the shutters to a specialist in London, who stripped the bottom rails, then sprayed a coat of paint over everything. But this seemed to exacerbate the problem, the tension of the new paint peeling even more of the old paint off!
After being given my name, they asked if I could have an attempt at repainting the shutters because replacement shutters (which were made bespoke to fit the window reveal) would be too expensive. I couldn’t give a price for the job, but promised to keep the cost within an estimated range.

First job was to remove all paint. This was achieved using Fluxaf Super Green paint stripper; a non-toxic, non-caustic stripper that is very pleasant to use. Just paint it on, scrape the softened paint off, then rinse with water…… Well, OK, it was a little more involved than that. Quite fiddly in fact, and the main danger was that the stripper looked like it was softening the plastic nylon hinges at either end of the louvres, so I had to make sure they were kept as clean as possible as work progressed.

Eventually all the paint was off. Painting was a breeze by comparison, especially when sprayed with the HVLP system. Two coats of oil-based Otex primer, followed by two coats of Tikkurila Helmi10 mixed to the same shade as the previous coating (Farrow & Ball “Great White”)

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 16th 2017

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