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Pimp My Chippy!

Our local fish and chip shop РThe Launceston Fryer Рserves meals in a restaurant as well as a take-out. Diners sit at chromed tables and chairs that have wooden surfaces that had started to get a bit worn, varnish wearing through, and looking a bit dated. The task was to refinish the wood parts of the furniture to match the restaurant colour scheme, without disrupting service.

Around 26 tables and 40 chairs, the work would have to be carried out in batches so that the restaurant could function normally. Each batch of furniture was taken apart, very thoroughly scrubbed with a de-greaser, sanded to provide a “key”, cleaned again with solvent, and then sprayed with one coat of polyurethane primer, and one coat polyurethane topcoat, both isocyanate free, supplied by Holman Paints. Using “2-pack” catalysed solvent-borne lacquers meant that the whole process could be carried out within a day – especially the sunny ones we had recently which meant the hardening paint could be left outside in the warmth of the sun.

The furniture then returned to site to be put back in the restaurant as soon as the curing paint didn’t smell too strongly! Several of the back area’s of the kitchen were painted with two coats of brilliant white water-based satin from Bedec paints to complete the makeover.

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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