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Painting Cornish Pilot Racing Gigs

Cornish Pilot Racing Gigs are historically based competitive rowing boats (more of the history here). Gig racing has experienced a resurgence in popularity lately, and at the annual championships on the Isles of Scilly last year saw over 100 entrants. I have been doing work for Gig builder Brian Nobbs for a number of years and am painting his current projects. Some of the jobs that come in are well-used boats needing repairs and new paint, the current one is a brand new boat thats just been finished by Brian, and is ready for painting. The colour scheme will be clear varnish on the inside, and a red and cream on the outside. I will be brushing everything rather than spraying because the Varnish contains Isocyanates which are a health hazard particularly when spraying. This is a bit fiddly on the inside and requires concentration so as to not get any runs on the complicated woodwork inside the hull. The outside will be much more straightforward and I will concentrate on getting a sharp and accurate line where the colours change. While I’m doing this, the keel for the next new boat is being set up, so I’d better get going! Here’s a picture of the unfinished boat:

Pilot Gig

And here’s the finished article:

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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