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Oak Kitchen Makeover

A 30yr old handmade oak kitchen in Taunton. Well made and in good condition, but DARK, and some of the original varnish flaking off. Actually, the varnish wasn’t very thick, so I knew most of it would come off when sanded anyway. The main problem would be tannin bleed from the oak coming through the paint. So, after a thorough clean and sand-down, two coats of Otex primer should stop any tannin coming through as well as providing a sound base for the top coats

Tikkurila do a very good oil-based eggshell – “Empire” – which was mixed up to the same shade as Farrow & Ball’s “Mizzle” by Holman Paints. Two coats and the kitchen should go another 30 yrs.

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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