Howard Robinson Kitchen in Farrow & Ball

Another Howard Robinson kitchen in North Devon, painted in Farrow & Ball “Slipper Satin” Estate Eggshell.

My normal finishing process would be three coats of eggshell onto the factory-primed furniture, but Farrow & Ball have said they recommend I prime the primer with their own primer/undercoat, before painting two coats of the Eggshell.

Trouble is I found it hard to get this colour to cover the off-white of the recommended primer in two coats, which had me ending up painting a total of FOUR coats of paint on the majority of the kitchen.

I’m not a Farrow & Ball hater, the Estate Eggshell is a very good paint and you can get a lovely finish with it. But I know if I had the colour mixed up in a big manufacturers oil-based paint I would definately not be painting more than three coats. Could probably do it in two. However, the required look of these kitchens is the “Big House” classic English painted kitchen, so no sharp edges and plenty of paint on the mouldings….therefore three coats!

Really would have liked to spend an extra day on this one though, I got shooed out the door because there was a 21st birthday party. I do like to make sure everything looks perfect before I go.

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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