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Graining Job

Graining on bookcase detail

Returned to a graining job I completed in an amazing house in 2005, to take some pictures which I had always regretted not taking at the time. This was originally a wall-to-wall set of plain bookshelves, onto which the customer had moulding and a pediment stuck on to upgrade it all. Everything was then painted in an eggshell ‘ground’ colour ready for ‘graining’ to look like oak.

The oak needed to match an existing door which was had very little contrast in the grain, and so the graining certainly does not hit you between the eyes. Truth be known I would’ve liked to have made it a bit stronger, but I got all so hung-up on matching the existing colour. And that is why, for all my special trip, and though I took several pictures, very few of them showed the graining in any detail. Fewer still escaped my shaky hands to come out un-fuzzy! So I’ve come away with almost no images after all.

The customer absolutely loves it though. He told me that when his joinery supplier came round one day, he questioned why he hadn’t been given the opportunity to supply the oak for the new library, and was shocked to learn it was painted! I’m not sure I quite believe the story, but it’s very sweet of him to tell it to me.

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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