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Farrow & Ball clogs sandpaper shock!

I’m Currently painting a kitchen designed by Howard Wilson Robinson in a large house nr Frome in Somerset. The client has chosen a Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell colour – “Dove Tale” – for all the cabinets, and I have to say, while the colour is nice enough, Farrow & Ball is definately not my paint du jour at the moment. The job is a big building site, and like most British building sites, is unheated and slightly humid (though not exactly damp). It says here on the tin “recoatable in 4 hours, dry in 24”.

33 hours later I’m still getting clogged sandpaper when rubbing down before the next coat; even when I switched to using the excellent Abranet Handy sander. In the old days, the kitchen furniture was installed ready primed and required three coats of eggshell to give a good hard finish. The new 2010 VOC laws have banished that sort of simplicity forever. We now have to contend with hybrid paints like these which are not up to the job yet

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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