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Cream Painted Cottage

Here’s an exterior painting job between Launceston and Bude I did at the end of last year. Nice cottage, built by good builders, but who were not as good painters. Walls just needed a full final coat of paint to make them look solid.

Despite it being an exposed, windy site, I was very lucky with the weather, and the wind dropped enough to allow me to get the airless sprayer out. Spraying does mean masking-off the windows and doors, sills, patio’s, removing gutters and downpipes, and generally covering everthing that shouldn’t be painted, and taking all this into account means it is not that much quicker than plain rolling. But it does mean you can get a heavy coat on quickly and in one go, which is important on a surface like this. Rough-cast or Tyrolean cement render finishes soak up a lot of paint because of the heavy texture. A man with a roller can struggle to get paint on quick enough without it drying at the edges and leaving tramlines down the wall. The method used here, is to get a heavy coat of paint on with the sprayer, and then while the paint is still wet, “back-roll” it with a roller to squash the paint into all the little nooks and pin-holes on the textured surface.

And there we are, a well built cottage with a solid render surface covered with a good coat of paint, should be good for more than a decade!

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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