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Conservatory colour-change

Refinished Wickes hardwood conservatory

brown_conserveFinished painting a conservatory interior last week. It’s a Wickes hardwood conservatory that had been painted with a brown woodstain, and was is fairly good ‘nick. But the brown colour was awful. It’s like living in a prison cell, and completely gets in the way of seeing the garden – the whole point of a conservatory in the first place.

white_conserveConservatories are often painted on the outside to preserve and protect the timber from weather and sunshine. But you could easily be sitting on the inside looking out most of the time. So a nice, light colour can make the structure less obtrusive.


Thorough preparation involves washing down, killing any mildew present, and sanding all surfaces to ensure adhesion of the primer. Woodstain is not a very good surface for receiving paint so in this case I’ve opted for Dulux Supergrip Primer. This was followed by two coats of Dulux oil-base eggshell in “Jasmine White”. I think you’ll agree, the prison bars have fallen away and the garden has come in.

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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