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Blue Cornish Pilot Gig

Constructed a few years ago, this Gig was in for a quick paint job: same colours, two coats on everything. Being reletively new, the coatings were in fairly good condition, only requiring a thorough wash and rub-down and a bit of spot priming before getting the paint and varnish on. Paint is Hempel Brilliant Gloss and International Original Varnish. All “topside” paints rather than being designed for life underwater, but these boats spend most of their lives on dry land, only entering the water for training and racing.

The Hempel Gloss looks, smells, and goes on like an old fashioned heavy bodied oil gloss. Wouldn’t go amiss on your front door!. Insides are a bit more fiddly though, you have to watch for drips running off the ribs.

This beaut’ should slip through the water like a fish now.

Published by: Colin Taylor on: February 23rd 2016

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