Exeter kitchen painting freshen up

Exeter kitchenThis Edwin Loxley kitchen has been on display in a showroom for a couple of years, until it was bought by the present owners and installed in the new kitchen extension of their home in Exeter. The island unit was finished in an AC Lacquer – a factory sprayed paint – and due to its nature had not been damaged during removal and re-fitting. The cream coloured part of the kitchen along the walls did, of course, suffer a bit more due to scribing the edges to walls and fitting the granite worktop etc. Also, a necessary bit of re-jigging of the layout needed two extra new cabinets which had to be painted from scratch. The original paint was Paint Library acrylic eggshell “Chalk 1”, which had obviously been sprayed in a workshop. The new owners had already bought the paint, and simply wanted one coat of the same colour painted on top. So, before the wash-down and preparation, I offered a word of caution about using acrylic eggshell in a kitchen because of its propensity to mark when metal items are rubbed against it. Caution duly accepted, I proceeded to paint a coat of eggshell with as little brushmarks as possible to result, once more, in a showroom condition kitchen.

Published by: Colin Taylor on: April 20th 2014

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