Getting the painters in doesn’t have to be stressful, but what about making the right choice of tradesperson? Are they insured? Will they return your calls promptly? Provide a written quotation?  Plush Painting, has been successfully providing painting and paper-hanging services throughout Devon & Cornwall for over 20 years.  Contact me and I will visit your property and discuss exactly what you would like to have done, give advice if appropriate, and take detailed measurements and notes about the job.  Then return a detailed quotation to you itemising the work schedule to be completed, paints and materials to be used.

Can paint really improve the quality of your life?

I’m sure you know the saying “freshen up with a coat of paint”? Well, how about giving your sense of wellbeing an uplift with clean, smooth surfaces and sharp painted lines.

And not forgetting the process it takes to get there! For peace of mind it’s good to know that your home and precious belongings are safe in the hands of capable craftspeople, and that the latest equipment will minimise dust, whilst ensuring that wet paint only goes where it is supposed to.

Commercial premises? Customer facing?

Excellent customer experiences are crucial in today’s competitive world. Don’t let shabby or indifferent paintwork at your premises guide the emotional response your customers take away from your business. Working for both domestic and commercial customers, pubs, bars, nightclubs, rental properties, hotels and guesthouses. We can help you solve many different refurbishment and maintenance issues. So, put your best foot forward by contacting Plush Painting to see how we can help you outshine the competition!


Recently Completed Work....

Martin used to run a kitchen making firm around here, but is now retired and creating a new sitting-room in his cottage. This required installing a new staircase linking the sitting room with the upstairs landing.

The staircase and parts were readily available from the builders merchants in pine, and Martin added some tongue and groove planking to create the under stairs cupboard.

Project Type:

I was referred this job by Holman Paints. The potential customers were not very happy with the quality of the woodstain on the walls of their lodge. Also the lacquer on the doors and windows on the South and West sides had broken down in the sun, allowing moisture into the softwood leading to peeling lacquer and mildew staining in the wood. The idea was to fix the doors and windows, rectify the woodstain on the walls and paint sufficient maintenance coats of the same colour to make a lasting job.

Project Type:

This is the second newly-built Gig of the year. The sailing to the Scilly Isles has been put back to allow the paint a bit more time to dry! Nevertheless, because the gig is mostly white, it allowed the inside to be sprayed which saved a bit of time.

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